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Top Five Tuesday | Booktube channels

Hello dear friends, I hope you’re all doing fine ! Happy fall and happy October ! 🍂 🌞 Before going any further, I wanted to let you know that I will be less active and less regular (as if it wasn’t already the case…) this month because uni will keep me busy and I haven’t find a way to balance everything yet ! I hope I will soon…

Anyway ! Welcome to my Top Five Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm ! This week, the topic is……… :

« Booktube channels » !

Booktube is the place to get lost in when you are a bookworm, right ? I mean it is so easy to spend hours there without even realize it ! So here we go (this is listed in no particular order) !

I could have started this post by saying : « Hey what’s up hello » and you would probably have guessed who I am talking about if you like her as well, it is Emma @ Emmmabooks ! Emma and I share one big passion : The Shadowhunter Chronicles. I believe this is how I found her something like two years ago : I was looking for some Cassandra Clare videos and I found her !

Now, I want to talk about a booktuber/blogger/woman that I truly love ! Once again, I think you know her (if you don’t, check her out) : I am talking about Melanie @ Meltotheany. My favorite videos on her chanel ? The ASMR unboxings… Plus, she is a BTS fan and so am I and she has great tastes ! Have a sit, take a break, just chill and listen/watch/ read Melanie !

Do you know Mackenzie Lane ? I discovered her channel last summer and I really like her videos. If you want to relax a little, with a hot chocolate (or coffee or tea or whatever) wrapped in a comfortable blanket with candles, this is the perfect place.

The next booktuber on my list is Regan @ PeruseProject, her last fall book recommendations video makes me wanna stay home and dive into my currently reading instead of studying…

I could not end this BookTube post without talking about Hannah @ A Clockwork Reader. Once again you probably know her. For the record, she is the very first English-speaking channel I have ever listened to, so Hannah has a special place for me and it was years ago now (time flies by right ?!)

Alright, that’s it friends ! There are some more BookTube channels I like but I will stick to five and those are my absolute favorites ! 🌞

To be honest, I am not sure I am 100% satisfied with how I managed this post, I didn’t know how to link the channels and how to display everything but I still hope you will like it !

I can’t wait to read other Top Fives to discover new booktubers and see how to write this kind of post !

If you have any BookTube channels to recommend, feel free to leave a link down below ! If you are part of the Top Five Tuesday, leave a link as well, I am curious !

Until next time, take care xx


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  1. I have A Clockwork Reader on my list as well. She seems to be on a lot of people’s T5T post today. Which isn’t surprising because she’s a great Booktuber. I’ll have to check out the rest of these channels soon! Great post!

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  2. Hi Manuella thanks for sharing the love! Now about sharing the links…maybe you know it or not but when you are on youtube watching something (a booktube for example) you have several « share » options. One of them is « embed ». Choose that one, copy the coding. Get back to your post and instead of working in « visual » choose « text » (top right corner of your post) and simply paste the coding where you want the others to see it.
    I hope I could help and that you won’t think me presumptuous!

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