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First 2020 post | Renée Ahdieh

Hello there ❄️⛄ (Since there is no snow here, I really don’t know why I chose those emojis, I guess I just wanted to convey wintery vibes ?)

This is my first 2020 post so I wish you all a happy 2020, full of love and happiness and whatever you need and want !! ✨✨ I hope you’ll have fun and read tons of amazing books !

I can’t believe 2020 is already here ! I see myself again in July 2019, when I decided to start this blog ! This year is going to be an important year for me because I have a competitive exam, so again, my priority will be there and not on the blog… I feel like I always say so but unfortunately I’ll be less present on here in the next months.

But ! It is important for me to thank you all for following me into this blog adventure, I hope you won’t be disappointed !

Anyway !

If there is another thing I cannot believe is the fact that I still haven’t talked about my love for Renée Ahdieh on here !

Really, shame on me……

Yes I really LOVE her. She is such a talented writer I can’t stress that enough.

She always has the right words, she has an incredible writting. It is like a fireworks of flowers and sparkles.

One of my dearest friends (who knows my tastes almost better than myself) told me to read The Wrath and the Dawn in 2018, she gave me the plot in a few words and that was enough… I was already conquered and immediately ordered a copy ! This book is a retelling of One Thousand and One Nights, there is a whole mystery around the characters and everything is perfect in this book. So I knew I’d love it.

Little did I know back then how way off the mark I was… Because saying I love this book would be a euphemism.

(Don’t worry this will be spoiler free !)

I feel like this book was written for me, there is everything I love and need in it : a wonderful love story, a unique world, a touch of magic and the characters are perfect (the main characters as well as the secondary ones).

Renée’s words are so powerful they put you into the journey and you are escaping and living in this wonderful story. This book is full (FULL) of incredible quotes, I really cherish it.

Shazi, the heroine, is such a WOMAN. I love her with my soul, she is not a fragile thing, on the contrary she has a strong temper and wow ! Just WOW. She is probably my favorite female character ever.

Some might say her relationship with Khalid is not pure because of the very beginning of the story but according to me, this was a part of Shazi’s plan to have Khalid wrapped around her little finger.

Renée Ahdieh also wrote a retelling of Mulan, which I enjoyed less but it was good nonetheless ! There still is Renée’s enchanting writing, the female character is once again a powerful woman.

I still have to read The Beautiful, but honestly ? Vampires and Renée Ahdieh seems like a perfect match to me.

What about you : have you read any of Renée Ahdieh’s book ? If yes, did you like it ? If no, would you like to ?


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