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Am I back ?

Hello y’all ! LONG TIME NO SEE ! I hope you’re doing fine 🌞

In my last post I told you I would be inactive for a while because of exams and uni in general but I’m back, I’m finally on holidays which means that I will be able to take some rest and read and blog !

I haven’t been reading recently, I was just not in the mood I think and again, uni was taking my whole time.

Anyway !

I have goals for these holidays and I intend to stick to them (hopefully).

The Song of Achilles was on my shelf before my break and I still have to finish it !

Then I will dive into a webtoon I think.

My Goodreads challenge is a total disaster (and it was already such a small one): I’m 13 books behind schedule and let’s be honest, I won’t complete it this year but it’s okay because it was my choice to put reading aside.

Since it is Christmas holidays I will also watch Christmas movies and eat chocolate ! Sounds like a good plan.

Also, I started a drama yesterday and I really like it so far ! It’s While You Were Sleeping and I must say it is pretty addictive !

Well, I think that’s it, this post was pretty useless but I needed to write something like that to get back into the swing of blogging slowly but surely !

What are your plans for these holidays ? What are you currently reading ?

Until next time (soon), take care !


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