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The worst & the best of my school readings | Part II

Hello friends 🌞 I hope you're all doing fine and since I am here to talk about my school readings again, I wish you all a good new school year, good luck with your exams if you have exams, overall, I wish you all a great September ! Last time, I had a good time... Lire la Suite →

Sharing my favorite quotes !

Hi there ! 🌞 I hope you're having a great day and that you enjoy your reading ! I am here today to share my favorite bookish (and non-bookish) quotes ! Whether they are from fictional characters or by real human beings, I love them. I love to discover new ones, I love to insert... Lire la Suite →

Confession time !

Hello there ! 🌞 It's always a pleasure to write new posts but I still don't really know how to get started ? I guess I'll figure this out, some day... Anyway, let's get started ! I'm here today to talk about me a bit more and I thought I could tell you "confessions" !... Lire la Suite →

Readathon of the Soul !

Hey there ! I hope you're all having a wonderful day 🌞 I come to you today with a new blog look, which I prefer to the previous one and a pretty exciting article about a readathon ! But first, let me tell you a little something... There is a brand new joy in my... Lire la Suite →

Marvel marathon

Heya ! I hope you're having a wonderful and sunny day 🌞 I'm coming to you with an article I'm pretty excited to write ! I want to talk about my Marvel Marathon... My appreciation for these movies is quite recent, I started to be really invested in them in 2018, maybe. Before that, I... Lire la Suite →

August TBR

Hello there ! I get back to you with my very first "TBR article" ! July has not been a very good reading month... The truth is that I read Lord of Shadows, which is quite a huge book and I dove into Queen of Air and Darkness right away... And the latter is an... Lire la Suite →

Let’s introduce myself !

Hey hey and welcome ☺ If you are here, you probably expect to get to know me, so I’ll start off by saying that I drew inspiration from one of my favorite characters to name my blog : Alexander Lightwood, from The Mortal Instruments series. This drives me to tell you that I’m a bookworm and that I... Lire la Suite →

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